MEDICAL SCAN NEWS is the latest update compiling all educational articles and medical news segments supported by the clinical research and applied expertise of Dr. Robert L. Bard & team. Since 1972, Dr. Bard has dedicated a major part of his career as an educational advocate of the advancement of NON-INVASIVE ULTRASOUND IMAGING. Publications such as ITN (Imaging Technology News), RADIOLOGY TODAY, NYCRA NEWS and other independent publications are just some of the recent medical news outlets that are showcased in this catalog. Dr. Bard has published countless articles, newsletters and is recognized in the medical community as a researcher and beta-tester of imaging innovations. (see complete information on our publisher)  
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Dr. Robert Bard Presents at the 2023
NIDIskin Spring Symposium VIII
May 19 & 20, 2023- Dr. Robert L. Bard, (Cancer Diagnostic Imaging Specialist, NYC) joins an international panel of clinical experts to lecture at the 8th Annual NIDIskin Fall Symposium. This educational event which took place at the Weill Cornell Medical School Uris Auditorium offered an Evidence-Based Dermatology presentation to support the dermatological imaging society. Dr. Bard launched his special presentation on WOUND HEALING IN SKIN OF COLOR: EFFECT OF PULSED BIOFIELD TREATMENTS ON INTRADERMAL TOXINS. As an avid speaker in medical conferences, Dr. Bard donates his expertise in support of the current and next generation of clinicians by sharing his findings through vivid scanned images of pathology. His lecture focused on his latest research project, applying non-invasive regenerative devices such as PEMF and NEAR INFRARED THERAPY to address toxin-infected skin disorders. His case study collects clinical data and measures the therapeutic effects on the body through the use of Doppler blood flow ultrasound imaging and elastography. (See Press Release)


New Cognition Assessment & Concussion Metrics
A NEW RESEARCH STUDY IS UNDERWAY AT THE BARD CANCER CENTER IN NYC. Dr. Robert Bard and a local research team combines the latest biometric scanning advantages of transcranial DOPPLER imaging, hemodynamic ULTRASOUND scanning (of the retinal, basilary and temporal arteries) and the integration of BIOFEEDBACK technology for a special research study. This neuro-scan review establishes (1) a cross-comparative study between the technologies and (2) a multi-modality screening & monitoring protocol to record post-concussion and neurodegenerative disorders.One of several major focus areas for this project is to explore the development of a diagnostic paradigm in the detection of post concussion symptoms including the growing reports of Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy/ CTE, identified from head concussions in military service and high impact sports.


Elastography and Doppler Ultrasound are both physiologic technologies which show whether the cancer treatment is working or not. They provide effective therapeutic markers over a blood test. SCANNING A TUMOR WITH ELASTOGRAPHY- Elastic ultrasound technology is an advancement where we can get real-time images, this scan shows the tumor from beginning to end as we scan through it. (see full article w/ video)


New Imaging Strategies for Neurodegenerative Diseases & the Vascular System 6/2/2022: One of the most exciting opportunities in neuroscience research today is the potential employment of neuroprotective strategies which may prevent, delay or inhibit the progression of neurodegenerative diseases such Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and ALS. In a recent clinical team effort between Dr. Robert Bard (cancer diagnostic imaging expert) and Dr. Jay Lombard, (physician specializing in ALS patient care), a multi-modal research program is currently under performance review toward the detection and confirmation of quantifiable biometrics of individuals suffering from neurodegenerative disorders.   (See complete article)

According to the CDC, DERMAL ABSORPTION happens when a chemical goes through the skin and travels into the body. Many chemicals used in the workplace or even from home (ie. pesticides and organic solvents) can wreak havoc on and under the skin, damage internal organs and also the immune system if they penetrate the skin and enter the bloodstream. Most efforts to address chemical hazards have been focused on breathing, digesting or drinking chemicals rather than what's being absorbed through skin. . (See INFLAMMATORY SKIN DISEASE Poster)


FROM PINKSMART NEWS: Ultrasound Significantly Reduces False Readings of DENSE BREAST Tissue
7/8/2021- A wave of recognized medical sites, journals and reports are now indicating that dense breast tissue increases the risk of developing breast cancer and often masks a tumor from being seen on the mammogram since dense tissue is white and cancerous tissue is also white. Mammograms are the standard screening test for breast cancer, however, in the 21st Century, ultrasound non invasive imaging is the preferred exam for dense “lumpy” mammary disease. (see complete article)

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ITN NEWS MAY 19, 2022
Cancer Diagnostic Expert, ITN Editorial Advisory Board Member, Receives National Medal of Honor ( ITN editorial advisory board member Robert Bard, MD, receives the prestigious Ellis Island Medal of Honor) May 19, 2022 — Robert L. Bard, M.D., an ITN editorial advisory board member, received one of the highest achievements of his career; the prestigious 35th Annual Ellis Island Medals of Honor. Alongside a list of over 80 top American achievers, this historical ceremony which took place at the Ellis Island Great Hall celebrated inspiring Americans who are selflessly worked for the betterment of our country and its citizens. In the spring of 2020, the Ellis Island Honor Society officially recognized Dr. Bard for his life’s work in clinical and research contributions in diagnostic imaging detection of cancers. (see article)

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Editorial Feature: UNDERDIAGNOSED WOMEN (4.5min)
Historically, there is substantial evidence of gross disregard and dismissive response on the part of the medical establishment in the way women have been diagnosed. Critics have speculated everything from professional carelessness to blatant sexism (and other forms of discrimination) to a lack of updated education in current research. This compelling report starts with the landmark story of the legendary comedienne, Gilda Radner who died of ovarian cancer remission in 1989, then to the treatment complications of Nancy Cappello whose false negative mammography reports led to a fatal, late stage breast cancer(2018). Their stories remain as life-saving references about early detection. (see complete article)
LAUNCH OF THE WOMEN'S DIAGNOSTIC NETWORK 2/25- Under a collaborative blueprint initiated by the NY Cancer Resource Alliance, Dr. Roberta Kline (OB-GYN), Dr. Noelle Cutter (Molloy University), Dr. Robert Bard (NYC Diagnostic Imaging), this new professional group brings a wide range of health resources for women's health. All clinical professionals working on women's issues unites to offer a DIAGNOSTIC-based cooalition supporting a road map to integrative health analyses and problem solving. It is this commitment to a deeper sense of examination of the patient that lends itself to a more holistic and integrative strategy to therapeutics. It is also this philosophy that draws more intuitive and insightful clinicians to collaborate and share insights on a patient's disorder with compassion and genuine care. (See "The Integrative Coalition for Women's Health")
MOMS OF ATHLETES COLLECTIVE: In support of our young future All-Stars, we need to give them all the best clinical care and preventive science has to offer- to keep them safe and in top healthy shape. Under a collaborative partnership between The Angiofoundation, the Integrative Pain Healers Alliance, The Women’s Diagnostic Network and Moms on a Mission comes a unique advocacy and research initiative to bring access to the top innovations in diagnostic and therapeutic care for our young athletes. Under the principle of a "ONE VOICE" FOR PUBLIC CARE, the MOMS OF ATHLETES project is a coalition of parents and caregivers that offers a national roundtable collaboration about the current state of contact sports and how our children are directly affected. Through our web-based EmPowermeet Conferences, we can now unite to form open discussions about the most critical topics and explore solutions collectively. Co-produced by: IPHA (Integrative Pain Healers Alliance) and the AngioFoundation (501c3)- see article
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Osteoarthritis in the Hand: Observed Response to PEMF Diagnostic Science
In a observational review from an unrelated patient study, a 70+ year old female expressed increasing difficulty in daily hand functions like sewing, folding clothes and dish washing. X-ray was done by a hand surgeon which showed arthritis of the first metacarpophalangeal joint. The bones were too close reducing range of motion in the thumb because the cartilage separating the bone was degenerated completely, validating the diagnosis of arthritis in the hand. The surgeon concluded Osteoarthritis and this symptom is stated to be the most common finding in hand arthritis.
Real-Time Pre & Post Imaging of PEMF Treatment Diagnostic Science
Published • Nov 16, 2021. QUANTITATIVE IMAGING: “AFTER THERAPY” using ELECTROMAGNETIC COIL TREATMENT. This BEFORE AND AFTER study validates the benefits of 3D ultrasound and its ‘actual-motion’ imaging and treated area responds to the therapy. Comparing to its condition before treatment with the magnetic coil, we are able to see the muscle contractions of the significantly weakened quadriceps femoris (hip flexor/knee extensor). After 15 minutes with a PEMF device (under efficacy review), an immediate scan with realtime ultrasound shows a significant reduction in muscle contractions.
Male Breast Cancer is Very Real! Published Oct 9, 2021 In an interview with survivors, oncologists and Dr. Robert L. Bard (cancer radiologist/NYC), there is one loud message transcending throughout this powerful report: "Male Breast Cancer is Very Real... and ANYONE can get it!" According to the Male Breast Cancer Coalition, government health reports show an estimated 2550 new cases in US with a mortality rate between 280-480. This indicates that over the past 10 years, new cases are up by 22% and mortality rate is up by about 19% from previous years.
A FALSE POSITIVE vs. THE REAL PROBLEM- which one is worse? A "False Positive" is the statistical classification in medicine referring to less appealing terms like a MISREAD, an INACCURATE OVERSIGHT or a WRONG CONCLUSION. It is essentially a flaw in the patient diagnostic report that would cascade into the clinical team pursuing an inaccurately founded plan or the wrong path of care. My first commitment as a medical professional was in the US Air Force (1971) where I first witnessed the critical and sometimes even fatal results of 'false positive' reports and readings.
"GOT METALS?" Research Project: Imaging Identifies Subdermal Calcification & Exploring Links to Heavy Metal Toxicity. In a 2020-2021 patient review of my patients showing elevated traces of HEAVY METALS in the bloodstream appear to also show concerning reactions on and under the skin- particularly from raised-to-high ARSENIC and MERCURY levels as indicated in the patients’ blood tests. These cases appear as significant skin disorientation as a result of heavy calcium buildup within the dermal area as shown by ultrasound imaging. HEAVY METAL BLOOD TEST: To note, metals are everywhere in our lives.
This report is an actual review written and published by Dr. Robert bard about his personally induced experiences with therapeutic devices by AxioBionics and is published with express permission by AxioBionics inc. It includes personal consultations and advisement by Axiobionics' clinical professionals in the form of statements, videos and company sample images.

Medical Imaging Review: What does a Covid Lung look like?
All research and testing programs undergo an evolutionary staging of its data-gathering and problem solving approach. The process of getting the right answers often starts with an initial blueprint, then grows in scope over time. As research efforts mature, different technologies and testing resources could be added into the process to get more information or to expand the view of the problem.

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Robert L. Bard, MD, PC, DABR, FASLMS is internationally recognized as a leader in the field of 21st Century 3-D ULTRASONOGRAPHIC VOLUMETRIC DOPPLER IMAGING. Dr. Bard specializes in advanced 3-D sonography to detect cancers in numerous organs including the breast, prostate, skin, thyroid, melanoma and other areas. Dr. Bard’s images are used to accurately guide biopsies, target therapy and provide focused follow-up after treatment. Dr. Bard’s medical career began as a diagnostic radiologist and evolved into the practice of non-invasive 3D imaging with ultrasound, MRI and laser technologies. He has served in the military, been the head Radiologist at several leading hospitals, and published a multitude of textbooks and scientific papers. He presents articles worldwide, teaches at International Conferences and is on the Editorial Review Board of National and International Medical Journals. Holding medical licenses in several states, he holds Board certification from the American Board of Radiology (1974) and Fellowship in the American Society of Lasers in Medicine and Surgery (2014). In July of 2022, Dr. Bard was elected to several top ranking supportive roles at the AIUM (American Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine). He will serve a 6-year commitment as Secretary and also as Vice Chair at the Therapeutic Ultrasound Community.

Dr. Bard currently runs a private consulting practice in New York City. He appears frequently on regional television, national radio and is a consultant to major healthcare organizations. He is committed to improving non-invasive cancer testing and developing minimally invasive image guided technologies to prevent cancer spread through his foundation - The Biofoundation for Angiogenesis Research and Development. In his role as director of BARD CANCER DIAGNOSTICS, he lectures at Mt. Sinai Medical Center, NYU Medical Center and leading international hospitals in England, France, Spain and the Netherlands.

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