CancerScan Educational Seminar Series 2020-2021/

Link #1: See complete transcript and video excerpt of the 2020 Image-Guided Tracking Pancreatic Cancer presentation

Welcome to Dr. Robert Bard's 2020 edition of his cancer diagnostic imaging catalog. As one of the top experts and educators in the science of modern medical scanning and quantitative imaging, Dr. Bard has presented in medical conferences from over 20 countries, published countless medical texts and continues to appear in radiological science news and broadcast reports about cancer. This seminar catalog offers the top presentations from 2016-2020, sharing them in video and transcript form for easy-referencing.

His latest presentation has been produced into a comprehensive video, highlighting the key points and offering the full transcript of his seminar "Image-Guided Traking Pancreatic Cancer".

Image-Guided Tracking Pancreatic Cancer | NY Cancer Resource Alliance 2020 conference
Image-Guided Tracking Pancreatic Cancer | Beljanski Foundation 2020
Ultrasound in Dermatology - Mt Sinai Winter Symposium 2020
Ultrasonography of Dermal/Subcutaneous Disorders (+ Cosmetic Complications) | Mt. Sinai 2019
Ultrasound in Dermatology - Mt Sinai Winter Symposium 2018
Male Breast Cancer Review - MBC Presentation (NYC) 2018
Doppler Imaging of Cutaneous Lymphoma | PET Society 2018
Imaging of Nipple Disorders | RSNA Chicago 2018
3D Imaging of Melanoma Metastases | AIUM 2018
3D sonography of prostatitis | AIUM 2017
Imaging vascular tumors of the foot | AIUM (Bard R, Kushner R) 2017
3D Imaging of Melanoma Metastases | Intl Soc Derm Surgery 2017
Ultrasonography of Dermal/Subcutaneous Disorders (+ Filler Complications) | Mt. Sinai 2017
Multimodality Imaging of Adipose Disorders | Intl Soc. Dermatoligic Surg. Amsterdam 2016
Multimodality of Adipose Tissue | Intl Soc Derm Surg 2016
Ultrasound Imaging of Nail Disease | Intl Soc Derm Surg 2016
3D Doppler Imaging of the Pelvic Floor | Dept Obstetrics & Gynecology Mt Sinai 2016 (Bard / Dietz.)
3D Imaging of HA Fillers for Hyaluronidase Injection | Mt Sinai Grand Rounds 2016
Doppler Imaging of Sub‐Ungual and Non‐Ungual Glomus Tumors | Dept Pathology Mt Sinai 2016
Imaging Squamous Cell Cancer | Dept Pathology Mt Sinai NYC 2016
Imaging Complications of Filler | American Society Lasers in Medicine and Surgery Boston 2016
Dermal Sonography of Facial Fillers | AIUM 2016
High Resolution Facial Arterial Doppler Imaging | AIUM 2016
Basal Cell Cancer Detection | Dept Pathology Mt Sinai NYC 2015
3D Image Guided Diagnosis of Pigmented Lesions | 5CC Congress Cannes 2015
Epidermal Imaging in Health and Disease | AIUM Orlando 2015

As a passionate speaker and seasoned educator in the medical community, Dr. Bard welcomes opportunities to participate in group seminars on the topics of DIAGNOSTIC IMAGING, CANCER TUMOR ANALYSIS or TECHNICAL REVIEWS ON CLINICAL IMAGING INNOVATIONS. He is also available as a creative and technical advisor with medical conferences and video producers to support the content development of all radiology and cancer-based presentations. Contact us today at: 212.355-7017 or email us at: to discuss your educational program or upcoming event.


Robert L. Bard, MD, PC, DABR, FASLMS is internationally recognized as a leader in the field of 21st Century 3-D ULTRASONOGRAPHIC VOLUMETRIC DOPPLER IMAGING. Dr. Bard specializes in advanced 3-D sonography to detect cancers in numerous organs including the breast, prostate, skin, thyroid, melanoma and other areas. Dr. Bard’s images are used to accurately guide biopsies, target therapy and provide focused follow-up after treatment.

Dr. Bard’s medical career began as a diagnostic radiologist and evolved into the practice of non-invasive 3D imaging with ultrasound, MRI and laser technologies. He has served in the military, been the head Radiologist at several leading hospitals, and published a multitude of textbooks and scientific papers. He presents articles worldwide, teaches at International Conferences and is on the Editorial Review Board of National and International Medical Journals. Holding medical licenses in several states, he holds Board certification from the American Board of Radiology (1974) and Fellowship in the American Society of Lasers in Medicine and Surgery (2014)

Dr. Bard currently runs a private consulting practice in New York City. He appears frequently on regional television, national radio and is a consultant to major healthcare organizations. He is committed to improving non-invasive cancer testing and developing minimally invasive image guided technologies to prevent cancer spread through his foundation - The Biofoundation for Angiogenesis Research and Development. In his role as director of BARD CANCER DIAGNOSTICS, he lectures at Mt. Sinai Medical Center, NYU Medical Center and leading international hospitals in England, France, Spain and the Netherlands.

Aug. 7, 2020- Dr. Robert Bard confirmed his educational presentation series to the maritime community and a select group of yacht clubs, shipping organizations and trade fraternities in the NorthEast. This unique exhibition offers a technical demonstration of today’s ultrasound screening advancements and remote-access has many life-saving advantages in rescue calls in “the high seas”. <See complete press releasse>

Philanthropy 101: Kicking off the Advocacy for Professional Safety with a 2nd PPE Supply Drive for 2nd Covid Spike
July 25, 2020- NYCRA Science Director Dr. Robert L. Bard launched "The Advocacy for Professional Safety" (APS)- a volunteer backed Coronavirus prevention support project for the health care community. Dr. Bard is also the first to fund the APS’ initiative to kickstart the national support drive to collect and bring donated PPE to U.S. Covid front lines. This outreach connects with all the major medical suppliers and manufacturers of medical safety equipment to bring protective aid to the many healthcare workers in designated Covid response units. <See complete press releasse>

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AngioFoundation kicks off "GO FUND ME" mission for Firefighter Cancer Film to "Keep the Fire Burning"
March, 2020- Dr. Bard, executive director of the AngioFoundation spearheads a unique rescue mission in the arts- buy conducting a private fundraiser in support of the documentary "The Fire Still Burns". This documentary series produced by the First Responders Cancer Resource of NY depicts one of the most dramatic fire disasters in NYC next to 9/11. Dr. Bard has dedicated countless efforts to bringing professional care to all 9/11 emergency responders (and civilan survivors). Pledges raised the necessary funding to continue the film project struck to a halt because of the Coronavirus pandemic. The fund provided the necessary additional resources to provide safely equipment for the continuance of the program. <See complete article about the film>

Did you know that Dr. Bard is also a NY State Trooper Surgeon?
9/5/2019- Surrounded by the golden NY skyline shimmering from the early evening light, the New York State Troopers PBA honored key medical professionals who have been instrumental in saving or improving the lives of NYS Troopers or their family members. Physicians from all over NYS were celebrated to express the true value of the State Trooper Surgeon program. (See complete article)
Other News
Springer Publications: Image Guided Dermatologic Treatments (1st ed. 2020)
350-page medical textbook offers a detailed and up-to-date overview of image-guided dermatologic treatments & the use and value of imaging technologies...
- Information Flyer | Hardbook & E-book
| Linkedin post Teaser
CH11 News: Melanoma/Skin Cancer Review (6/1/2019)
Marvin Scott interviews Dr. Robert Bard and Dr. Bruce Robinson (Dermatologist)
- Podcast video session
| News segment (9:15) | Full feature
Breast Implant Induced Cancers & Allergan Recall- BIA-ALCL (6/24/2019)
Video 1 | Video 2 | Video 3
NYCRA & Dr Bard Presents Awareness to Retired FDNY Heroes (5/2/2019)
Link / Press Release- AP Newswire | R. Marrone & "Get Checked Now!" intro
Legacy Issue: Dr. Bard Featured with Cancer Imaging Pioneers (4/22/2019)
Dr. Bard is highly involved with public education both in the private and public circuits. These are just a few recent samples of his "social media shorts". For all his other media coverage including news features, please visit his media section by clicking THIS LINK.
The Fire Still Burns (Pilot 1) (Pilot 2) 12/2019 Article 1 | Article: CyberKnife

Feature Stories

Pertaining to Dr. Bard's clinical programs or public projects

Meet Sal Banchitta: 9/11 First Responder & Cancer Prevention Advocate
Link | Printable PDF
BIA-ALCL: Breast Implant Associated Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma
• 10/15 NY Male Breast Cancer Joint Task Force: Awareness & Screening
• 11/10- First MBCC Conference (Elects Dr. Bard into Medical Advisory Board)
Official Press Release- Printable PDF
Welcome To The Age Of The "Tricorder" (Where Sci-Fi meets REAL Medicine)
Press Releases
12/24 - "NYCRA Features a Year of Cancer Awareness (Highlights)" -Article Weblink
12/10 - Get Checked Now! Mission & Speaker Series Explained
"Volunteer Speakers Bring Cancer Awareness Front-and-Center"
-Article Weblink
11/13 - "Community Leadership Power Meeting for First Responders Health Concerns" -Article Weblink
Launch of the NY Cancer Resource Alliance @ Lotos Club NYC
Link | Printable PDF

Published Articles

Recent writing works
by Dr. Bard

8/26/2020 - "Imaging Prostate Cancer" -Article Weblink/ American Council on Science and Health
3/25 - "Why TELEMEDICINE?" -Article Weblink/ Journal of Modern Healing- NY Cancer Resource Alliance
3/10 - "Developing Cyberknife® And The Era Of Ethics In Engineering" -Article Weblink/ Journal of Modern Healing- NY Cancer Resource Alliance
3/9 -"Teaching" T-Cells To Kill Cancer Tumors (Interview w/ Dr. Aisha Hasan)" -Article Weblink/ Journal of Modern Healing- NY Cancer Resource Alliance
2/21 - Sensible Advantages Of Ultrasound Imaging For Burns And Dermal Traumas /Article Weblink/ Journal of Modern Healing- NY Cancer Resource Alliance
3/12 - Digital Imaging of Testicular Cancer & Metastatic Recurrence -Article Weblink/ Modern Diagnostic Science/ Bard Cancer Diagnostics Newsletter

12/28 - Today's Radiotherapy: Cyberknife Technology (Part 1) -published in NYCRA News

11/13 - "Community Leadership Power Meeting for First Responders Health Concerns" -Article Weblink/ NYCRA News
10/18 - "Mathew Knowles & Male Breast Cancer: Celebrity Survivor Saves Lives through Advocacy" Article Weblink / Awareness for a Cure
08/28 - RADIOLOGY TODAY: Ultrasound News- "Non-Invasive Cancer Imaging"
Link - RT Magazine (Summer 2019 issue), August, 2019-pg 7,8 | Printable PDF
ITN: Imaging Technology News: "4-D Guided Prostate Treatment: The Future of OIM-directed Therapies"Article Weblink | Printable PDF- This Article only | PDF-Complete Magazine(all pages)
Ultrasound-Guided Cancer Imaging: The Future of Targeted Cancer Treatment
Link - Published in (AIUM) American Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine
The Major Occupational Hazard of Post Traumatic Recall (PTSD) - part 1 - August 15, 2019 Link - Journal of Modern Healing
Reflectance Confocal Microscopy- the latest Imaging Advancement for Dermatologists - August 19, 2019
Link - Modern Diagnostic Science
Italian Pioneers & Contributors in cancer Imaging/Diagnostic History
Link | Re-published in
The Age of Prevention: An Interview with Carol Alt
Link | Printable PDF
Digital PRE-OP: Prevent Procedure Complications with 4d Digital Imaging
Why go DOPPLER? "Mammo vs Sono" - comparison of benefits
Article "Long Island Breast Cancer- Then and Now"- Printable PDF
High-Frequency Ultrasound Examination In the Diagnosis Of Skin Cancer
The END for The SCALPEL? Join the Era of Non-invasive Procedures
36th Annual Ellis Island Honor Society Event - (rescheduled) May, 2021
(Dr. Bard is an honoree/award recipient)
AIUM 2020 5th Annual SonoSlam Conference (cancelled) - Saturday, March 21-25, 2020, NYC (Dr. Bard was lead speaker representing dermatology imaging)
NYS Troopers PBA - Surgeons Recognition Ceremony (Sept 5, 2019)
+ celebration of 9/11 Responders
NIDISKIN Spring Symposium (May 17-19, 2019)
and Confocal Microscopy Readers Course (NY Academy of Medicine)
First Male Breast Cancer Coalition Conference-
Elects Dr. Bard into Medical Advisory Board (Nov. 10, 2018)
Annual ICIS Cancer Imaging Conference- Awards for Distinction
(France/ Sept. 2018)
Launch of the first New York Cancer Resource Alliance Meeting
with a Presentation on “EARLY DETECTION & PREVENTION” @ the Lotos Club
Winter Symposium at Mt. Sinai (Sunday, Dec 9, 2017): Dr. Bard Presents seminar on ULTRASONOGRAPHY OF DERMAL & SUBCUTANEOUS DISORDERS
Screening Programs
The following are specialized programs designed and managed by Dr. Bard dedicated to specific patient interest groups and are geared to addressing targeted concerns. For additional information on BCD programs, contact
The Remote Overreading Program: Virtual radiology partnership for all health centers, private practices and emergency responders. : TeleMed Partners, various types of remote soluutions & applications, TeleScan + Safe Digital Doctors Visits for Immuno-Compromised/cancer patients
Chest Ultrasound: Safe, Non-invasive checkup of cardio-pulmonary performance, in search of any respiratory disorders related to Coronavirus pathogens
Validation Program: Use of advanced imaging to support research projects, efficacy of treatment protocols or reporting confirmation of any programs (before - after screening) : Advantages of 3D Imaging in Burn Diagnostics & Foreign Body Scans / Under AngioFoundation- educational site
Download Complete Screening Program Catalog (All pilots)
Dermal Scan (Skin Cancer/Melanoma Detection) - first responders edition | Commercial version link
Prevention 101 (The Official 'Get Checked Now!' page)
Prostate Screening- (Public Resource Program)
PTSD Transcranial Imaging (Pilot Program) | Trial Partnership Flyer
Clinical Trials Co-Investigation Program
Breast Cancer Diagnostic Program | Breast Screening Program- Printable PDF
Breast Implant Screening / Imaging Exam | Article: "ALCL, THEN AND NOW" | Video 1 | Video 2 | Video 3
Male Breast Cancer Scan & Recurrence Prevention
Cancer Screening for First Responders & 9/11 Survivors | Site info Printable PDF | Lung Screening Prog. Printable PDF
Trauma Scans / Work Related Injuries
Remote/Portable Emergency Diagnostic Imaging Solutions (REDS)
Early Prevention & "Second Opinion"- "GET CHECKED NOW" | Group Appointment form link | Printable PDF
Imaging Partnerhsip Program (for Cannabis Practices)
Diagnostic Imaging for Hair Loss Conditions
Printable PDF | Also see Bard Clinical Trials
Social Media


These are some of the most recent articles written by, with or about Dr. Bard - posted in social media and/or in one of various BCD endorsed newsletters.

2019 Newsletter /Spring Edition- click LINK
- Rare Cancer Associated from Textured Breast Implants
- Joint Task Force w Male Breast Cancer Screening Program (NYC)
- Feature: Dr. Henry Leis (mammogram pioneer)
- Long Island Cancers
- 9/11 Cancer Attacks
- First Responder Richard Marrone promotes Prevention & Early Detection

- "Get Checked Now!" Printable PDF

Curriculum Vitae (Updated 10/21/2018)

The Biofoundation for Angiogenesis Research & Development (aka: The AngioFoundation) has been recognized worldwide by official medical organizations and peer reviews for its work in dedicated focal topics including: experimental and expansion projects in subdermal imaging, advanced studies of environmental toxin exposures and medical research & progress development support of all non-invasive medical devices.
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Promo: "5 Minutes Can Save Your Life"
Promo: "Making the Smartest Choice Starts with a Second Opinion"
Promo: "Prostate Health: Active Surveillance & Cancer Prevention 101"
Promo: "Mammo vs Sono: The Best Solutions for Breast Health Monitoring"
• Promo: "Male Breast Cancer Scan"
• Promo: Melanoma & Skin Cancer - "Are you sure it's NOTHING?"
• Promo: PTSD - A Safe Alternative to Diagnosing & Monitoring

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