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The latest news updates in community related health programs

HTR: A Review on Dr. Bard's Concussion Scanning (Part 1)
10/27/2022 - Dr. Jerry Dreessen reports on the prevalence of head trauma and the modern ways of testing and diagnosing symptoms. In this episode, IPHA-TV covers Post-Concussion Syndrome in the athletic community and a variety of ways that brain injury can affect our lives. [ Article & Video | Video Only]

IPHA NEWS: Who is Ray Ciancaglini? / Epilogue by Dr. Bard (Part 3)
10/31/2022 - Dr. Jerry Dreessen reviews concussion safety advocate Ray Ciancaglini and his life-long commitment to promote the message of awareness about post-concussion disorders. Wrap up review on the current state of the national statistics of head injuries and the standards of diagnostic and treatment protocols [Video Only]


10/14/2022 - Millions of women have this breast cancer risk factor... why aren't they being informed? NEW YORK (TND) — This Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Spotlight on America is pressing to ensure women have access to a crucial health fact that could save their lives. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 40% of women have dense breast tissue, which is a risk factor for cancer. Our team first highlighted this issue in October 2021 [Original TND Link | Backup video link]

  WHO IS RAY CIANCAGLINI?: Each season, the INTEGRATIVE PAIN HEALERS ALLIANCE nominates inspirational speakers, educators or advocates whose commitment to supporting public health and safety awareness is noticed by a wide spectrum of audiences. We are proud to announce our latest ROLE MODEL, Mr. Ray Ciancaglini of Geneva New York for his tireless crusade in reaching our youth and sharing his wisdom and experiences about sports related brain injury. [ Article | Video ]  
  HEALTH TECH REPORTER with RUSS ALLEN: "Restoring Quality of Life!"- The benefits of the ultrasound are I'm able to see inflammation within the nerves and muscles of my body. These would not be apparent in the MRI or an x-ray in the same way. The x-ray was able to dramatically show the curvature of my body. And the MRI is able to see the degradation of the ver vertebra in my back. [ Article | VIdeo ]  
  CANCER ADVOCACY NEWS: “FROM A GRATEFUL CITY”: 5/22 Honoring Responders from 1975 NY Tel Toxic Fire (FDNY Commemoration) – Dr. Bard represents F.A.C.E.S. FOUNDATION at the NY Fire Academy (Randall’s Island, NY) to honor all firefighters at risk of occupation-related health issues.. - see Dr. Bard's closing speech  
  DOCUMENTARY: 7/4/2022- IPHA-TV & JESI STRACHAM PRESENTS: "WHY GO ULTRASOUND"Empowerment advocate and founder of the "Wheel with Me Foundation" Jesi Straham hosts this educational video about her journey to researching non-invasive diagnostic and therapeutic solutions as part of her advocacy for wellness, empowerment and improved lifestyle for all traumatic injury victims and wheelchair-bound individuals. This episode, she guides us into the many advantages of an Imaging Checkup, reviewing key areas of health concerns and possible latent injuries. She takes us on a road trip to NYC to visit one of the top clinical ultrasound experts- and together, they uncover quantitative data and biometrics unlike from any other physical checkup! (see video | see full article)  
  FEATURE EVENT: Top Honors from the 2022 "Are You Dense?" Musicfest
June 25, 2022- Joe Cappello, Executive Director of the ‘Are You Dense?’ Foundation 'brought down the house' at the famous Palace Theater in Waterbury, CT once again. Dr. Robert L. Bard, Cancer Diagnostic Imaging specialist of NYC received this year's "CHAMPION OF EXPOSING THE SECRET" award for his clinical and research work in doppler ultrasound technology to offer a supplemental solution to dense breast scanning over mammography. After Dr. Bard's reception speech, a special surprise speaker- Mrs. Loreto Bard took the stage delivering her loving words of support to all advocates and researchers about the fight against cancer. (See full article with video).
  SYNDICATED NEWS (Pix-CH11): Breast Cancer Awareness (Presented by: Marvin Scott) 10/2021- Veteran journalist and recipient of 11 prestigious Emmy awards for journalistic achievement, Marvin Scott presents one of the most under-reported cancers in America: MALE BREAST CANCER. In collaboration with the Male Breast Cancer Coalition, Mr. Scott interviews survivors and clinical cancer imaging expert, NYC's own Dr. Robert Bard- who uncovers the scientific analysis and scanning options of this insidious disease that's rising in numbers. Mr. Scott has entrusted the expertise of Dr. Bard on prior health news reports including Melanoma, Skin Cancer and Prostate Cancer. (See Video)  
In support of our young future All-Stars, we need to give them all the best clinical care and preventive science has to offer- to keep them safe and in top healthy shape. Under a collaborative partnership between The Angiofoundation, the Integrative Pain Healers Alliance, The Women’s Diagnostic Network and Moms on a Mission comes a unique advocacy and research initiative to bring access to the top innovations in diagnostic and therapeutic care for our young athletes. The MOMS OF ATHLETES project is a coalition of parents and caregivers that offers a national roundtable collaboration about the current state of contact sports and how our children are directly affected. Video source: 360 HEALTH ALERT NEWS

We proudly launch an awareness initiative under the banner "PROJECT: MOMMIES ON A MISSION" (a name creatively coined by Mrs. Jana Rojas describing her many friends and colleagues throughout her family's benevolent crusade). "This brands a collective of common minds and hearts in an expanded drive of united groups and foundations to bring new light to research and education to healthcare providers and to all parents with young children about picking up the subtle signs of viral myocarditis." vFor 2022, a special alliance was built around the need to address the demand for standardized Pediatric Myocarditis Detection. Initially inspired by the loving work of the For Elysa Foundation, 501c3 (led by the Rojas family), this a new inspired collective carved the basis for battling he devastating effects of heart disease in children. (Article)

  Video Group Program: 2022 Friends and Partners Plan Dec 20, 2021 This video is for limited internal use only and is not part of any public health programs. Bard Diagnostic Imaging is part of a joint initiative with the NY Cancer Resource Alliance's "GET CHECKED NOW!" program - offering awareness and supplemental cancer diagnostic imaging to certain community groups and specific employer groups only.  
  Video 2021 Aesthetics Book Intro: Video | Article Springer Medical Publishing proudly presents the first installment in clinical aesthetic procedures. This detailed and up-to-date overview of image-guided procedures focuses on the many aesthetic and reconstructive strategies delivered by some of today's renowned leaders in the clinical aesthetics community. They share their valuable expertise and field-based findings throughout this feature-rich textbook. The wide list of audiences for this text (ie. dermatologists, plastic surgeons, aestheticians, general surgeons) will enjoy an insider's look at each treatment program while providing remarkable field-based knowledge for the general non-medical audience seeking the latest information in non-invasive and minimally invasive aesthetic procedures. Produced and edited by Dr. Robert L. Bard, this collective project showcases the most highly sought-after cosmetic treatments in each priceless chapter- through detailed breakdowns, experiential insights and a generous graphic tour of before and after progress visuals.  
  Video Dense Breast Scanning / 'Are You Dense?" Foundation On July 27-29, Bard Diagnostic Imaging is offering a comprehensive DENSE BREAST SCREENING DAY, employing an array of imaging advancements dedicated to the visibility of dense breast tissue and cancer early detection. This special program is dedicated to supporting dense breasted patients by first identifying one's actual breast density (through a density assessment scan) to establish a base line for the full diagnostic study (est. 15-20 minutes per patient). For those with any level of breast density, a major concern is the rate of possible cancers that may be missed from to potential misreadings of a mammogram. It is clinically imperative to have a second opinion with the breast sonogram in areas that are more suspicious. A second look of the dense breast area with 3D scanning technology consists of two parts: first is the regular 3D electronic sweep, which gives you a volumetric tissue study. The next is the 4D real-time automated scan, which focuses on the area of concern and the most dense part of the tissue.  
  Video DR. STEVE SHOW: TRACKING MELANOMA (Jan 2017) According to the National Cancer Institute, SKIN CANCER is the most common type of cancer. The main types of skin cancer are squamous cell carcinoma, basal cell carcinoma, and melanoma. Melanoma is much less common than the other types but much more likely to invade nearby tissue and spread to other parts of the body. Most deaths from skin cancer are caused by melanoma. Explore the links on this page to learn more about skin cancer prevention, screening, treatment, statistics, research, clinical trials, and more.When imaging detects a region of interest or suspicion, it can also be used to direct selective biopsies to obtain very small tissue samples for further laboratory analysis (pathology). The use of imaging together with pathology gives the most accurate information about the size, location and aggressiveness of any cancer thus identified.  

Media News
THE GLOBAL VIDEO ENCYCLOPEDIA & THE SOCIAL VOICE 7/25/2022- To gain an understanding of today's digital video messaging is to accept the very basis behind social media and its community. Video is the trending media for high-speed message delivery, harnessing the major global share- seated within all screen & cell phone users. In our digital age, the written word continues to suffer a major loss of followers over the impact of VIDEO messaging. Where book stores and magazine publishers are at a major decline, the cell-phone generation (with a device too small to read a full article) finds a 2-minute video clip to better comply with their Gen-Z attention span. (See feature story)
Special Announcements
A YEAR OF RECOGNITION FOR A LEGACY OF ACADEMIC VISION, MEDICAL INNOVATION AND ADVOCACY IN CANCER DIAGNOSTICS 6/25/2022- Having received several lifetime achievement awards in one year is indicative of the vast achievements of Dr. Robert Bard. He is celebrated in major circles for his countless clinical findings and his unending drive to advance the medical and academic communities to support integrative health sciences and the non-invasive movement. Starting with his credentials as a cancer imaging specialist, Dr. Bard is also heavily committed to a bevy of critical roles in the future of patient care including: validation research, education in non-invasive modalities for the medical community, technical advisor to countless health organizations and a nationally recognized advocate for firefighters' safety against environmental toxic exposures. Dr. Bard attributes his career in radiology to the US Air Force, having served in military hospitals in Thailand and Laos in the early ‘70’s. There, he witnessed the critical demands for immediate response and real-time diagnostic technology where time and accuracy are of the ultimate essence. This started him on a multi-track life plan to help advance diagnostic technologies to endure 'battle hardened' challenges of a military hospital setting all the way to our emergency responders and the ICU of today. (Click to access feature story)


7/28/2022 - Members of the American Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine (AIUM) have elected a new slate of leaders to the Executive Committee, Board of Governors, and Communities. These leaders will work to support the AIUM’s mission to empower and cultivate a global multidisciplinary community engaged in the use of medical ultrasound through raising awareness, education, sharing information, and research. DR. ROBERT L. BARD (Diagnostic Imaging Specialist, NYC) was recently elected Secretary of the Therapeutic Ultrasound Community. He will serve a 2-year term as Secretary, a 2-year term as Vice Chair, and a 2-year term as Secretary. The AIUM's mission is to empower and cultivate a global multidisciplinary community engaged in the use of medical ultrasound through raising awareness, education, sharing information, and research. "The AIUM values the individual members who volunteer their time, talents, and expertise to ensure we address the needs of the ultrasound community," said AIUM CEO Glynis Harvey, CAE. "Dr Bard joins a leadership team dedicated to improving the value of the AIUM and we look forward to his contributions."

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