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Collaboration between diagnostic imaging and personalized therapeutic protocols
NEWS REPORT (CH11 WPIX) Screening First Responders "After the Job"
3/27/2024- 23 years later, those exposed to 9/11 continue to feel the health repercussions of toxin and toxicants from the historical urban disaster. More than the 343 firefighters who perished during that fated time, we continue to find cases in the rescue and responder service, contracting the many types of illnesses from this horrendous response call. 13x Emmy Award winning reporter Marvin Scott covers the EARLY DETECTION program as he interviews Dr. Robert Bard (Cancer Imaging Radiologist) and Ret. FF and 9/11 responder Sal Banchitta. Dr. Bard presents his state-of-the-art imaging innovations to provide firefighters with some of the most advanced scanning solutions. "There are many tools out there that patients should know about... I'm pretty fortunate to have access to Dr. Bard and his program for advanced screening and I tell all my fellow firefighters about 'Getting Checked NOW!" (see article/video)
My Prenuvo Story With Sal - A Tool For Firefighters
Having been a firefighter for decades and a first responder during the tragic events of 9/11, Sal knows first-hand the unique challenges and risks that firefighters face. Constantly being exposed to hazardous toxins and carcinogens in his line of duty, he knew it was important to be proactive with his health, leading him to Prenuvo. Now, as a retired firefighter, he’s a dedicated advocate for cancer awareness and screening, encouraging fellow firefighters to prioritize their well-being by getting checked regularly, because, as Sal wisely puts it, “it’s not a miracle; it’s early detection”.
Resilience Toolbox spotlights PRENUVO,the company pioneering proactive whole-body imaging for the early detection of cancer and other diseases. Speakers include: Dr. “Sefi” Chodakiewitz, Firefighter Sal Banchitta (FDNY, ret.), and Dr. Robert Bard of Bard Cancer Diagnostics. We discuss: -How is Prenuvo different from traditional MRI technologies, How is Prenuvo working with firefighters and first responders
-Sal Banchitta, cancer advocate for firefighters and the GET CHECKED NOW! Program talks about his experience getting a Prenuvo scan, -What tools and follow-up do patients receive after the scan?
-What are the benefits of a FULL-BODY SCAN and how is Prenuvo pursuing this global movement?
-Why should a firefighter or first responder get a proactive MRI scan now, rather than when they’re actually having a medical problem? (see full video)
Benefits of Genetic Expression in Assessing the Efficacy of Bioenergetic Interventions (by: Dr. Roberta Kline) DNA is genetic code containing information for everything that goes on in our biochemistry and our biology. It is stored in very compacted form in our chromosomes, and we have 23 pairs of those. Normally. Specific sections of DNA are called genes, and these genes are discrete areas that contain the codes to make specific proteins. Gene expression is the process of translating this genetic code into the specific proteins. Now, these proteins comprise a wide variety of different forms in order to run our entire biochemistry and metabolism. These include our hormones, our receptors, our enzymes, our transporters, our muscle cells. All of these things are used to run our biology. It's a complex process, and it's a little simplified here on this slide, but I think it gives you an overview and that's hopefully a review of cellular biology where DNA is transcribed into RNA and then it undergoes multiple different revisions to ultimately produce the amino acids that get assembled into a three dimensional protein. (see full report/video)
CRANIAL SCAN WITH HI-RES ULTRASOUND + CONCUSSION TESTING: 9/29/2023- Since the advent of ultrasound scanning in the 1950's, the global movement to develop and expand its diagnostic features continue in its appeal with the medical community today. Dr. Robert Bard and a local research team combines the latest biometric scanning advantages of transcranial DOPPLER imaging, hemodynamic ULTRASOUND scanning (of the retinal, basilary and temporal arteries) and the integration of BIOFEEDBACK technology for a special research study. This neuro-scan review establishes (1) a cross-comparative study between the technologies and (2) a multi-modality screening & monitoring protocol to record post-concussion and neurodegenerative disorders.
INTERVENTIONAL MONITORING OF MUSCLE REACTION TO PEMF INDUCTION: 9/26/2023- Dr. Robert Bard, chief investigator designed this case study with high resolution 3D RESONA 7 Ultrasound System by MINDRAY, NA. The use of of the Aurawell PEMF (AuraWave model) was applied during this test. ONE clinical participant was pre-qualified, then exposed to PEMF treatment to the QUADRICEPS muscle area for a given period of time and under a specific frequency. The clinical imaging specialist employed various applications of a medical-grade ultrasound to monitor any visible physical reactions or movements during the time of the bioenergy treatment exposure. (Article | Video)
RESEARCH: PRENUVO WHOLE BODY MRI: 5/23/2023- Aired on "HEALTH TECH REPORTER" podcast, Dr. Bard introduces the latest updates in the PRENUVO Whole Body MRI. This feature also presents ANDREW LACY, Founder/CEO of Prenuvo + an interview with DR. RAJ ATTARIWALA, Nuclear Medicine Radiologist, PhD Biomedical Engineer and Founding Radiologist of Prenuvo- who shares his commitment to improving on the current state of modalities in cancer diagnostics by offering advancements on the performance, range and design of our current MRI technology. [ Article | Video ]
NEWS: Non-Invasive BioEnergy Pain Therapies - News feat. CH11-WPIX- by: Marvin Scott
6/22/2023- Dr. Robert Bard @ Bard Diagnostics in NYC is featured in this special report about the latest innovations in non-invasive therapies for pain and inflammation. This includes the expansion of Bioenergy Therapies like PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field) and Photobiomodulation (Near Infrared) devices to offer cell regenerative solutions to address a wide set of inflammatory disorders. Dr. Bard recognizes the demand for non-invasive solutions in the medical field. Dr. Bard is also introducing the latest advancements in ultrasound and elastographic scanning as part of his "Scan and Treat" protocol for real-time efficacy tracking. (Article | Video )
NEWS: Dr. Robert Bard Presents at the 2023 NIDIskin Spring Symposium VIII
May 19 & 20, 2023- Dr. Robert L. Bard, (Cancer Diagnostic Imaging Specialist, NYC) joins an international panel of clinical experts to lecture at the 8th Annual NIDIskin Fall Symposium. This educational event which took place at the Weill Cornell Medical School Uris Auditorium offered an Evidence-Based Dermatology presentation to support the dermatological imaging society. (Press Release | Video )

DEMO DAY (3/7/2023) at the Bard Diagnostic Imaging Center in NYC @ March 7, 2023. National clinical trainer Mark Murdoch speaks in an interview about the Aspen Laser technology while he treats registered patients suffering from various chronic disorders (including a rotator cuff tear & other MSK joint injuries, psoriatic arthritis and psoriasis on the skin. (ARTICLE | VIDEO)

In Search of the THERALIGHT 360: Followup story: Dr. Bard visits Dr. Scott Schaeffer's health center in Mt. Kisco, NY to experience a full test drive of the Theralight360. This meeting is part of Dr. Bard's pilgrimage to seek out and collaborate with innovative clinicians aligned with non-invasive therapeutic technologies. His mission is also dedicated to exploring the current non-invasive Bioenergy therapeutic solutions -including the science behind PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field therapy), Biofeedback, Radiotherapy, Neuro-stimulation and the varying options of light therapy (ARTICLE | VIDEO)
  IN SUPPORT OF RESPONDER NEWS: 12/11/2022- The AngioFoundation (501c3) announced its official sponsorship of the RESPONDER RESILIENCE PODCAST. This recent funding boost (alongside a lineup of new corporate and foundation sponsors) aimed at advancing the programming of the responder-media initiative's national footprint. Since its inception in the fall of 2021, the podcast's popularity in the fire, law enforcement and other responder groups maintained a steady growth, continuing to bring in some of the most respected and recognized guests from the rescue service. This steady rise in subscribers led the show to reach over 60 memorable episodes and a respectable set of subscribers in the public sector. In its 3rd season, Responder Resilience earned national recognition thanks in part to another AngioFoundation partner-- F.A.C.E.S./Firefighters Against Cancer & Exposures. [ ARTICLE | VIDEO ]  
** 2022-2023 VIDEO CATALOG **
Educational Webinars, Research Reports, Cancer Advocacy & Medical News
EDUCATIONAL WEBINAR: HEALING AFTER COVID-19: IMPACTS IN PEDIATRIC MEDULLOBLASTOMA: 7/19 - Dr. Bard is medical co-panelist for cancer imaging with Dr. Noelle Cutter (lead presenter, Molloy University) in collaboration with Dr. Roberta Kline, Genomics expert advisor. See: / & complete 24min video
SCIENCE NEWS: POST-TREATMENT SCANNING OF THE OPTIC NERVE: 6/2 - Dr. Bard presents biometrics from energy therapy w/ 3D Doppler ultrasound. This review is the basis for clinical analysis of diabetic retinopathy or hypertensive vascular disease by scanning of the OPTIC NERVE. - Video source: HEALTH RESOURCE DIGEST
CANCER ADVOCACY NEWS: “FROM A GRATEFUL CITY”: 5/22 Honoring Responders from 1975 NY Tel Toxic Fire (FDNY Commemoration) – Dr. Bard represents F.A.C.E.S. FOUNDATION at the NY Fire Academy (Randall’s Island, NY) to honor all firefighters at risk of occupation-related health issues.. - see Dr. Bard's closing speech

JOINT CLINICAL EFFORTS WITH PROF. TOY: In the spirit of a collaborative partnership for improved public wellness, a unique and special research duo was formed between Montreal's recognized neurostimulation specialist and functional clinician (Professor Joseph Toy) and NYC's imaging specialist (Dr. Robert Bard). They have formed this "SCAN AND TREAT" protocol which confirms the treatment effects of PEMF in actual time, through the visual tracking of doppler ultrasound imaging as part of Dr. Bard's well-published paradigm called IMAGE GUIDED PROCEDURES..

Video 1: Optimizing Post Surgical Recovery with PEMF (2/24/2023): Prof. Toy visits NYC to apply a series of neurostimulation treatments on Dr. Bard to support and optimize his post-surgical recovery of his minimally invasive spine surgery.


Video 2: Addressing PTSD with Personalized Neurostimulation Protocols (1/13/2023): Prof. Toy and Dr. Robert Bard joins to discuss the latest findings in the use of PEMF and other non-invasive diagnostic and therapeutic modalities to address post-traumatic stress disorder
• Full VIdeo
• Dr. Bard's Solo Review on PTSD

  DOCUMENTARY: 7/4/2022- IPHA-TV & JESI STRACHAM PRESENTS: "WHY GO ULTRASOUND". Empowerment advocate and founder of the "Wheel with Me Foundation" Jesi Straham hosts this educational video about her journey to researching non-invasive diagnostic and therapeutic solutions as part of her advocacy for wellness, empowerment and improved lifestyle for all traumatic injury victims and wheelchair-bound individuals. This episode, she guides us into the many advantages of an Imaging Checkup, reviewing key areas of health concerns and possible latent injuries. She takes us on a road trip to NYC to visit one of the top clinical ultrasound experts- and together, they uncover quantitative data and biometrics unlike from any other physical checkup! (see video | see full article)  
  FEATURE EVENT: Top Honors from the 2022 "Are You Dense?" Musicfest
June 25, 2022- Joe Cappello, Executive Director of the ‘Are You Dense?’ Foundation 'brought down the house' at the famous Palace Theater in Waterbury, CT once again. Dr. Robert L. Bard, Cancer Diagnostic Imaging specialist of NYC received this year's "CHAMPION OF EXPOSING THE SECRET" award for his clinical and research work in doppler ultrasound technology to offer a supplemental solution to dense breast scanning over mammography. After Dr. Bard's reception speech, a special surprise speaker- Mrs. Loreto Bard took the stage delivering her loving words of support to all advocates and researchers about the fight against cancer. (See full article with video).
  INTERNATIONAL WEBINAR: REUTERS EVENTS- ONCOLOGY 2022- feat: Dr. Robert Bard +4 Top clinical panelists. 5/19 - This is an excerpt of the REUTERS EVENTS WEBINAR on IMPLEMENTING A MULTI-CANCER EARLY DETECTION TEST (MCED) in a health system to alleviate the burden associated with later-stage diagnosis. This event uncovers new ways in which we can support healthcare providers by outsourcing workloads and remove the complexity behind treatment planning is needed now more than ever. Oncology 2022, is much more than just a conference; it’s the origin of change. From the digitization of treatment pathways to the evolution of reimbursement within the space, we empower policy makers, payers, providers, pharma companies and patients to carve the destiny of Oncology to maximize positive patient outcomes.  
In a report by the American Academy of Ophthalmology, eye exams are recognized to find links to a growing array of diseases. The growing list includes: Hypertension, Ischemic Stroke, Heart disease, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Cancers of blood, tissue or skin, Diabetes and more. Though further testing is required once these symptoms may arise during an exam, current diagnostic imaging scans reflect advancements in analysis of the eye in relation to the patient's physiology. - Video Source: NEURODEGENERATIVE REVIEW


EDUCATIONAL SERIES (Parts 1-7): Electromagnetic Therapy & Image Guidance w/ Ultrasound (Presented by: Dr. R. Bard) presents background on the NON-INVASIVE ENERGY treatments throughout history and how the wellness community has continued supporting this paradigm through the expansion of ELECTROMAGNETIC stimulation and the advancements of ULTRASOUND for diagnostic care.

  SYNDICATED NEWS (Pix-CH11): Breast Cancer Awareness (Presented by: Marvin Scott) 10/2021- Veteran journalist and recipient of 11 prestigious Emmy awards for journalistic achievement, Marvin Scott presents one of the most under-reported cancers in America: MALE BREAST CANCER. In collaboration with the Male Breast Cancer Coalition, Mr. Scott interviews survivors and clinical cancer imaging expert, NYC's own Dr. Robert Bard- who uncovers the scientific analysis and scanning options of this insidious disease that's rising in numbers. Mr. Scott has entrusted the expertise of Dr. Bard on prior health news reports including Melanoma, Skin Cancer and Prostate Cancer. (See Video)  
In support of our young future All-Stars, we need to give them all the best clinical care and preventive science has to offer- to keep them safe and in top healthy shape. Under a collaborative partnership between The Angiofoundation, the Integrative Pain Healers Alliance, The Women’s Diagnostic Network and Moms on a Mission comes a unique advocacy and research initiative to bring access to the top innovations in diagnostic and therapeutic care for our young athletes. The MOMS OF ATHLETES project is a coalition of parents and caregivers that offers a national roundtable collaboration about the current state of contact sports and how our children are directly affected. Video source: 360 HEALTH ALERT NEWS

2021-2022 Video Showcase from Diagnostic Science News
Study: Urinary Incontinence & Pelvic Floor imaging Research Project: Dense Breast annc video promo Italian Health News (Eng. Subtitled)- Cancer Imaging 2021 intro video

Dense Breast- Sta Barbara, CA

2021 Aesthetics Book Intro: Video
| Article
Pancreatic Cancer/ Diag Study Dense Breast Scanning / 'Are You Dense?" Foundation
Dan Noonan Tribute /NY Fire Museum & Fire Bell Club of NY
Case Study/Efficacy Review: Wearable Neurostim Therapy
Group Program: 2022 Friends and Partners Plan
PEMF/Femoris Scans | Article -Real-time case study


Media News
THE GLOBAL VIDEO ENCYCLOPEDIA & THE SOCIAL VOICE 7/25/2022- To gain an understanding of today's digital video messaging is to accept the very basis behind social media and its community. Video is the trending media for high-speed message delivery, harnessing the major global share- seated within all screen & cell phone users. In our digital age, the written word continues to suffer a major loss of followers over the impact of VIDEO messaging. Where book stores and magazine publishers are at a major decline, the cell-phone generation (with a device too small to read a full article) finds a 2-minute video clip to better comply with their Gen-Z attention span. (See feature story)
Special Announcement:
A YEAR OF RECOGNITION FOR A LEGACY OF ACADEMIC VISION, MEDICAL INNOVATION AND ADVOCACY IN CANCER DIAGNOSTICS 6/25/2022- Having received several lifetime achievement awards in one year is indicative of the vast achievements of Dr. Robert Bard. He is celebrated in major circles for his countless clinical findings and his unending drive to advance the medical and academic communities to support integrative health sciences and the non-invasive movement. Starting with his credentials as a cancer imaging specialist, Dr. Bard is also heavily committed to a bevy of critical roles in the future of patient care including: validation research, education in non-invasive modalities for the medical community, technical advisor to countless health organizations and a nationally recognized advocate for firefighters' safety against environmental toxic exposures. Dr. Bard attributes his career in radiology to the US Air Force, having served in military hospitals in Thailand and Laos in the early ‘70’s. There, he witnessed the critical demands for immediate response and real-time diagnostic technology where time and accuracy are of the ultimate essence. This started him on a multi-track life plan to help advance diagnostic technologies to endure 'battle hardened' challenges of a military hospital setting all the way to our emergency responders and the ICU of today. (Click to access feature story)
  Bard Cancer Diagnostics | 121 E 60th St. #6A New York, NY | (212) 355-7017
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