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Overviews of case studies / Progress reports / MedTech Review
  PRENUVO WHOLE BODY MRI: 5/23/2023- Aired on "HEALTH TECH REPORTER" podcast, Dr. Bard introduces the latest updates in the PRENUVO Whole Body MRI. This feature also presents ANDREW LACY, Founder/CEO of Prenuvo + an interview with DR. RAJ ATTARIWALA, Nuclear Medicine Radiologist, PhD Biomedical Engineer and Founding Radiologist of Prenuvo- who shares his commitment to improving on the current state of modalities in cancer diagnostics by offering advancements on the performance, range and design of our current MRI technology. [ Article | Video ]  
  Research Project: Dense Breast annc video promo Feb 20, 2022 Given that greater breast density as categorized by the BI-RADS remains a factor associated with breast cancer for all ages of women, information about breast density together with life expectancy may benefit clinical decision-making regarding screening. In March 2019, the US Food and Drug Administration recommended changes to the Mammography Quality Standards Act to make it mandatory to report breast density information to both patients and their physicians. However, how women and their physicians should use this information to inform screening recommendations is unclear. Very dense breasts may increase the risk that cancer won't be detected on a mammogram.(See report + 1 video)  
  PEMF/Femoris Scans | Article -Real-time case study SCANNING PHYSIOLOGICAL RESPONSE / INJURYNov 16, 2021 Dr. Robert L. Bard publishes a non-commercial review of select non-invasive diagnostic and treatment technologies for his program "Bard Tech Reviews" to be found in the newsletter, JOURNAL FOR MODERN HEALING. This is a public blog-style site where he promotes the use of medical imaging technologies and his clinical expertise in diagnostic interpretation / analyses of all scanned readings. He provides this review to the open public as part of an educational initiative to support beta testing, strategic efficacy research protocols and the value of analytical confirmation, second opinions and use of non-invasive imaging.(See article + 1 video)
To stay current with today's medical needs, the PORTABLE HAND-HELD ULTRASOUND DEVICE - aka the "modern stethoscope" joined the market. Powered by calibrated sound frequencies, this non-invasive scanning solution safely diagnoses the physiological condition of most vital organs and tumors in real time. The pocket-sized smart-phone integrated advancement clearly competes in resolution and performance with the over-sized hospital counterparts at a fraction of the cost! . (see Video)
April 2020- Patient 1 was quarantined due to a covid-positive test reading. MedTech Reviews producers & certified medical advisors led by Dr. Robert Bard assembled this prototoype home-based self screening & remote monitoring plan- using the Terason 3200T. For 7 days, a Terason technical representative partnered with our radiology team to conduct the daily monitoring in real-time both through video conferencing & scan/file sharing from various geographic locations. Complete tracking reports, imaging logs and video interviews with the patient during the self-screening process made for a successful example of remote patient diagnostic access & group collaboration using WIFI technology & advanced digital communication. (See complete review- 2 VIDEOS)
  Case Study/Efficacy Review: Wearable Neurostim Therapy- feat: Dr. Robert Bard +4 Top clinical panelists. 5/19 - This is an excerpt of the REUTERS EVENTS WEBINAR on IMPLEMENTING A MULTI-CANCER EARLY DETECTION TEST (MCED) in a health system to alleviate the burden associated with later-stage diagnosis. This event uncovers new ways in which we can support healthcare providers by outsourcing workloads and remove the complexity behind treatment planning is needed now more than ever. Oncology 2022, is much more than just a conference; it’s the origin of change. From the digitization of treatment pathways to the evolution of reimbursement within the space, we empower policy makers, payers, providers, pharma companies and patients to carve the destiny of Oncology to maximize positive patient outcomes.(See complete report + 4 videos)  
In a report by the American Academy of Ophthalmology, eye exams are recognized to find links to a growing array of diseases. The growing list includes: Hypertension, Ischemic Stroke, Heart disease, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Cancers of blood, tissue or skin, Diabetes and more. Though further testing is required once these symptoms may arise during an exam, current diagnostic imaging scans reflect advancements in analysis of the eye in relation to the patient's physiology. - Video Source: NEURODEGENERATIVE REVIEW

Ultrasonography of Dermal & Subcutaneous Disorders (overview) his presentation is from Dr. Robert Bard’s 2017 Symposium on The use of ULTRASOUND TECHNOLOGY OF DERMAL AND SUBCUTANEOUS DISORDERS Our advanced digital ultrasound technology to scan and screen cancer malignant tumors is used worldwide by every country. The bulk of this presentation originated from Europe where this new technology has been invented. Here, we can identify the tumor is black under ultrasound. The important thing about this basal cell is that you can see the depth- which makes the difference between a five-minute excision or a five hour Mohs surgery. This helps the surgeon pre-operatively to determine how deep it is, and also sometimes even how aggressive it is.



Media News
THE GLOBAL VIDEO ENCYCLOPEDIA & THE SOCIAL VOICE 7/25/2022- To gain an understanding of today's digital video messaging is to accept the very basis behind social media and its community. Video is the trending media for high-speed message delivery, harnessing the major global share- seated within all screen & cell phone users. In our digital age, the written word continues to suffer a major loss of followers over the impact of VIDEO messaging. Where book stores and magazine publishers are at a major decline, the cell-phone generation (with a device too small to read a full article) finds a 2-minute video clip to better comply with their Gen-Z attention span. (See feature story)
Special Announcement:
A YEAR OF RECOGNITION FOR A LEGACY OF ACADEMIC VISION, MEDICAL INNOVATION AND ADVOCACY IN CANCER DIAGNOSTICS 6/25/2022- Having received several lifetime achievement awards in one year is indicative of the vast achievements of Dr. Robert Bard. He is celebrated in major circles for his countless clinical findings and his unending drive to advance the medical and academic communities to support integrative health sciences and the non-invasive movement. Starting with his credentials as a cancer imaging specialist, Dr. Bard is also heavily committed to a bevy of critical roles in the future of patient care including: validation research, education in non-invasive modalities for the medical community, technical advisor to countless health organizations and a nationally recognized advocate for firefighters' safety against environmental toxic exposures. Dr. Bard attributes his career in radiology to the US Air Force, having served in military hospitals in Thailand and Laos in the early ‘70’s. There, he witnessed the critical demands for immediate response and real-time diagnostic technology where time and accuracy are of the ultimate essence. This started him on a multi-track life plan to help advance diagnostic technologies to endure 'battle hardened' challenges of a military hospital setting all the way to our emergency responders and the ICU of today. (Click to access feature story)
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